Organic Veganz Cracker Onion 100 g

Crazy about crackers? You just can’t get enough of our mouth-watering Organic Veganz Cracker Onion: Crunchy, crispy and with a delicious hint of onion. Once you start, it’s all gone before you even notice – leaving you only wanting more!


Our biggest passion: Saving the Earth

Yes, we’re all tremendously fond of the Organic Veganz Cracker Onion. With that taste… Seems legit! But there’s something else we’re passionate about: Protecting our planet. Isn’t it great that we can combine our two soft spots? Because the environmental footprint of our savoury onion snack can be easily seen on the packaging, based on a Sustainability Score! This score tells you the CO2 footprint, water consumption, and whether animals and the rainforest are being protected. The origin of the raw materials, production, packaging, transport – absolutely everything was calculated and compared to 110,000 other food items. The results are rated in stars. With two stars or more, the product is already more sustainable than the average compared product.
How did we come up with this unusual idea? Honestly, all living beings and mother nature are very important to us: You get all the facts and we simultaneously have the opportunity to make our products more sustainable.

Give in to your cracker needs and do something good
for the environment at the same time

As you can see, our gluten-free snack received a three-star rating in three categories of our sustainability score, namely climate, animal welfare, and rainforest. We’ll tell you in the following how we got this score. Our tip: grab some crackers! You’ll enjoy reading with a snack in your hands.


Animal food products are harmful to our climate – we’re pretty sure you already know that. To give you some figures, so-called ‘livestock farming’ is responsible for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This means that every now and then, one or the other ingredient is hidden in hearty snacks that can have a negative impact on our climate. A few milk ingredients here, a little ham powder there… oh, even eggs are found in snacks and finger foods. Overall: it’s not particularly good for the climate.
Why are plant-based foods more climate-friendly? Cows, chickens, pigs, goats and the like emit methane and nitrous oxide. These emissions damage the climate. Beyond that, the animals all have to be fed, which causes further greenhouse emissions to be emitted due to the fact that more and more land is required, especially for fodder cultivation. For this purpose, forests and grasslands have to be removed or wetlands have to be drained. And that’s not good for us or the environment, since forests absorb carbon from the atmosphere. It’s also not uncommon for the fodder to have to be imported, which also aggravates the ecological balance caused by non-vegan foods.
The good news: You can enjoy our organic Veganz onion crackers in peace. Because they get by without any animal-based bells and whistles. We only use plant-based ingredients that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Pssssst. Another little treat for you: Our onion crackers are made in an Italian factory that only uses renewable energies.

Animal Welfare

Gluten free, high in fibre, and organic quality – yes, that’s what makes our Organic Veganz Cracker Onion so good. Oh, hang on. There was something else. They’re vegan, too! So, you can be sure that no living being is harmed.


Our beautiful rainforest can breathe a sigh of relief again: You also won’t find soy or palm oil in the list of ingredients for our onion crackers. In this way, we guarantee the utmost protection against deforestation and we support the preservation of green forest areas. The rainforest is so important because it has a major impact on our climate. It’s the green lung of our earth, so to speak. Plants, bushes, and trees absorb CO2 from the air and they use the carbon contained therein to grow. This creates oxygen. And who needs oxygen to survive? Right on the money… we humans do!
If we destroy our rainforests, large amounts of CO2 are released – which enhances the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. Rainforest protection means climate protection! That’s why it’s of great importance to all of us that tropical rainforests are preserved.

Two-star rating for water? Don't worry about it!

No onion powder, no Organic Veganz Cracker Onion. No Organic Veganz Cracker Onion, no… uuhhmmm, we snack addicts don’t even want to imagine that, do we? But it just so happens that the onion powder makes up more than half of the total water footprint. That seems incredibly dramatic, but it’s not bad at all! Because a two-star rating means that our gluten-free crackers are still sustainable, hence in line with the goal of a water-conserving life.
So, what can we do to get the three stars? We could, for example, help on site or get the ingredients from another region. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen overnight so we all have to be a little patient. However, we are tireless in our pursuit, bursting with energy, and always open to change. Because in the end, we only want one thing: to produce the best possible products for you and our environment.


Corn starch*, gluten-free wholemeal oat flour* (15 %), chickpea flour*, dehydrated onion powder* (12 %), rice flour*, rice syrup*, sunflower oil*, cane sugar*, raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium acid carbonate; salt, psyllium husk*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins*, thickener: locust bean gum*, guar gum*; natural olive flavouring, antioxidant: rosemary extracts*.
*from organic agriculture.

May contain traces of soya.

Made in: Italy

Origin of the raw materials

Our gluten-free crackers are made with corn starch, wholegrain oat flour, and chickpea flour. We source these three ingredients from Europe. And another ten out of seventeen ingredients, such as rice flour, sunflower oil, and rice syrup, are also of European origin.

Nutrition information

Nutrition Information per 100 g
– of which saturates
– of which sugars

Attention: This is why you just can't get enough of our crackers!

You drive me crazy, I just can’t sleep! I’m so excited, I’m in too deep – Find out here why our onion crackers make you just as obsessed as this Britney song:

  1. That onion taste: With our Organic Veganz Crackern Onion, you get that intense onion taste without shedding even one tear. Okay, maybe you will shed a few tears – happy tears! Yummy and all that.
  2. Organic, organic, organic: The ingredients used in our crackers come from controlled organic cultivation.
  3. Bye-bye gluten: wheat, rye, or spelt? They all have no business being here! If you’re on a gluten-free diet or have allergies, you can safely eat our vegan crackers.
  4. Others throw out ballast, we pack it into our products: Or rather, fibre. You’ll get plenty of fibre thanks to the psyllium husks. So, get it in there, and greetings to your metabolism!
  5. The nutritional check: Our Veganz crackers have a lower fat content than comparable crackers on the supermarket shelf.
  6. Did someone say, vegan snacks’? Oh yes, our onion snack is perfect to eat straight out of the bag. But they’re also ideal for dipping or for spreads. Our tip: combine them with the Veganz spreads or our delicious cheese alternatives.

Yikes! Are additives increasing your risk
of ending up with a cracker addiction?

Don’t worry, we haven’t put any questionable ingredients in our Organic Veganz Cracker Onion that could be addictive. The delicious taste of our crispy treats makes them addictive all by themselves! It has a lot more to do with the gluten-free recipe. The advantage of gluten is that, when mixed with water, it holds the dough together so that rolls or baked goods don’t fall apart into thousands of little pieces. So, we had to dig deep into our bag of tricks for our gluten-free crackers to stay in shape.

  • Corn starch is a good binding agent. The starch binds water and holds the cracker mixture together.
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate: these substances belong to the so-called raising agent family. These agents make the gluten-free cracker dough airy, fluffy, light and, above all, rise well. In principle, it’s like a homemade cake. You also add baking powder or baking soda. So, it’s not that crazy, right?
  • Sunflower lecithin is a so-called emulsifier, which allows ingredients to be mixed together that normally wouldn’t mix easily. They also optimise the processing and baking properties of dough.
  • Antioxidants: This additive protects our savoury biscuits from oxidation, which is caused by the reaction to oxygen. Antioxidants increase firmness and shelf life. The colour and taste of the product also stay consistent for longer.


We use these materials in this product.

Synthetic materials
4.1 g

Packaging made out of crackers?
That'd be craaaaazy!

We would definitely revolutionise the packaging industry with edible packaging made of even more crackers. And, of course, that’d make you even happier.
Unfortunately, the reality looks a little different. That’s why we have to use a foil stand-up pouch made of polypropylene for our Organic Veganz Cracker Onion. This ensures that the quick snack is optimally protected and stays in the right shape. We also guarantee that the onion flavoured savoury biscuits always stay crispy and tasty.
But, we’re already busy scheming, as a vegan and sustainable brand we see it as an absolute duty to find more environmentally-friendly alternatives – after all, ingredients and packaging go hand in hand. We’re not perfect, but we always keep our eyes and ears open.

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