Veganz Pizza Spinaci 360 g

Behind this special spinach pizza recipe lies our love for Italian cuisine and vegan culinary delights. Typical italiano: Fruity-aromatic tomato sauce, a crispy thin crust, baked on Sicilian lava stone. Typical vegano: Juicy spinach, creamy pizza melter and a subtly aromatic white sauce with all-natural ingredients. The Veganz Pizza Spinaci – Tradition with a twist.  

Italian-Vegan Pleasure meets Visible Sustainability

talian in taste, vegan in recipe and sustainable in agriculture, production, packaging and transport – our Veganz Pizza Spinaci has many talents. You get us on taste and recipe, but the sustainability part is still a mystery? Not a problem, allow us to explain: Take a look at the image. That’s our so-called Sustainability Score. It’s broken down into four categories, CO2 emissions, water footprint, animal welfare and rainforest conservation, depicting the ecological balance of our vegan spinach pizza, showing you very clearly how environmentally friendly it is.  

Why are we doing this? Transparency and environmental protection are very important to us: You get all the facts and at the same time, we have the chance to make our products more sustainable.  

Typical vegano too: Protects Climate, Animals and the Rainforest!

What do you think is so special about this Italian-vegan fusion, in addition to the unique preparation and its one-of-a-kind taste? Our Veganz Pizza Spinaci is especially animal and environment friendly! And you can see as plain as day on the Sustainability Score that the vegan spinach pizza has achieved all three stars in the categories of animal welfare, rainforest conservation and CO2 emissions.  
How is that possible? Take a look! Because of its completely vegan recipe, we leave the cow alone and use a creamy pizza melter made with coconut oil instead of cheese made with animal products – which is why we get the best marks for animal welfare. Of course, the vegan ingredients play a part in its CO2 footprint. Let’s compare: The emissions value of our Veganz Pizza Spinaci is 594 grams whereas a non-vegan spinach pizza is approximately 981grams. That’s a lot more! And last but not least, everything remains within the green range for our beautiful rainforests, as neither palm oil nor soy are used.  

Two Stars for l’acqua?

Yep. You read that right. But it’s not a big deal. The Veganz Pizza Spinaci still contributes to the reduction of our global water footprint since production and ingredients are not very water intensive – except for one little thing: The olive oil from Spain. Although we only sprinkle the dough with it, 4280 litres of that very scarce resource are needed to produce one litre of olive oil.   
So, what can we do? The water footprint of Italian olio d’oliva is nearly twice as good as that of the Spanish and if we could get our olive oil from Italy, we would receive 3 stars for water. But you wanna know something? We’re already working on it! We don’t know exactly how, where or when we can switch over, but we’ll keep you informed. Until then, just sit tight and eat a vegan spinach pizza. 


Wheat flour, spinach (19 %), sieved tomatoes (18 %), water, grated coconut oil-based pizza topping (6,0 %) (water, coconut oil (25 %), modified starch, salt, acidity regulators: sodium citrate, citric acid; flavouring, colour: beta carotene; potato starch), cauliflower sauce (4,0 %) (cauliflower (45 %), water, rapeseed oil, oat fiber, garlic, salt, concentrated lemon juice), durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil (1,3 %), sea salt (0,9 %), garlic (0,5 %), sugar, yeast, spices, oregano.

Contains 1,3 % extra virgin olive oil.

Made in: Deutschland

Origin of Raw Materials

Except for the spices, all ingredients of our Veganz Pizza Spinaci come from Europe e.g. Germany, Spain and of course Bella Italia!

Nutrition information

Nutrition Information per 100 g
– of which saturates
– of which sugars

Typical italiano

What’s so typical about the Veganz Pizza Spinaci? The crust is made without artificial baking agents. Instead we go del tutto classico and use yeast, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. In order for the dough to rise fully, we let it rest 24 hours. After that it goes into a wood burning stove where the pizza crust is pre-baked on Sicilian Aetna stone. These steps ensure that the crust is beautifully crispy, fluffy and light, all at the same time. The tangy tomato sauce and use of hearty, sun-kissed Sicilian highland herbs gives the vegan spinach pizza its final Italian touch.  

Typical vegano and Super innovativo

With juicy spinach and our creamy coconut oil-based pizza melter, we provide true vegan gourmet pleasure. The cheese alternative makes our Pizza Spinaci something really special. That’s because, when you look around, even though most vegan frozen pizzas are topped with vegetables, seldom do they off offer an alternative to grated cheese. But our spinach pizza makes the cut – big time!  

What else does the vegan pizza melter on our Veganz Pizza Spinaci have that makes it super speciale? The white sauce puffs! They could be mozzarella… but they’re not! Those sprinkles of creamy white sauce are made with all-natural ingredients and 50% cauliflower. The pleasant hint of garlic lends a particularly special zest to the vegan pizza. 

Mamma Mia – Additives!?

Si, but that’s no big deal. The additives are only used in the pizza melter so that it looks like ‘real’ cheese, adding beta-carotene as a colourant – because, as we all know, the eyes eat too.  We use modified starch so that the individual pizza melter components stick together and a few so-called ‘acidity regulators’ that are required for pH balance. These are there so that the pizza melter doesn’t form any lumps and remains stable while keeping its colour.  

Vegan Spinach Pizza – but pronto!

In a hurry but don’t want to sacrifice taste? Pizza Spinaci coming right up! Proper preparation can be found here: But first, a little insider tip from the cucina italiana: Our spinach pizza is made for topping to your own Gutso with other ingredients. Whether cherry tomatoes, peppers or a vegan meat substitute – there are no limits to your creativity!   


  1. First, get your oven nice and hot: For top and bottom heat, set it at 220 °C, convection 200 °C or gas to level 4.  
  2. While the oven is preheating, let the Pizza Spinaci thaw and proudly observe the work of art, taking in the beautiful scene for a moment.  
  3. All heated up? Eccelente! Take off the plastic film and place the spinach pizza on the middle rack.  
  4. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Exact baking times depend on oven type.  
  5. Whilst anxiously awaiting the Pizza Spinaci and watching the delicious pizza melter melt, you’re totally allowed to open a bottle of vino. Or soda. Or whatever takes your fancy. Cin cin!   
  6. When the vegan cheese alternative is melted and the crust is baked to a golden brown, its time has come: Take the pizza out of the oven and… buon appetito!  


We use these materials in this product.

64 g
Synthetic materials
6 g

Just a Simple Pizza Box as Packaging?

Sí, we’d like that too. And preferably the suave and elegant George Clooney as pizza maker. However, our Veganz Pizza Spinaci is relegated to the frozen foods section, which means we have to fulfil current hygiene and protection regulations as well as the necessary transport safety precautions – no comparison to your favourite pizzeria around the corner!  
And so, the packaging of our Pizza Spinaci is made up of two components: A plastic film and a cardboard folding box. The former is made of polyethylene, also known as LDPE, necessary so that the ingredients don’t bounce around wildly in the box or even fly out. The film also protects our spinach pizza from bacteria and other external influences. Luckily, LDPE has a good eco-balance and is completely recyclable. The folding cardboard box is made from 86 % recycled paper and is recyclable as well. Mineral oil in the ink? No way! You’ll never, ever find that on our packaging!  
As you can see: Plastic packaging is often unavoidable, which makes it difficult for us to find a more optimal solution. But yes, as a vegan and sustainable brand we feel an absolute obligation to look for more environmentally friendly alternatives – after all, ingredients and packaging go hand in hand. We’re not perfect, but we are always keeping our eyes and ears open.  

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