Oh, there you are?

We’ve been waiting for you to drop by for a while. Our team is always looking to grow – and you may well be the perfect fit. Whether you end up at our head office, in one of our shops in Berlin, in sales, or at our production site: working for Veganz is something truly special. Why? Find out on this page. So, you first need to know who Veganz is? Then have a look here.

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A job is a job
is a job is a job, right?

The world of work can be a strange place in the 21st century. Many people spend years working without really knowing what they’re slaving away for. Others live for their work – and sometimes even burn out for it. That’s not how we want it to be with us. And that’s why working at Veganz provides everything you need for a perfect work-life-balance:

  • Purpose
    There is a purpose in everything we do: we want to create a worthwhile future for all creatures on our planet. There’s no need for you to be 100% vegan here to play your part in making that better world a reality.
  • An incredibly wonderful team
    ‘We’re like one big family’… Well, not really. You can’t exactly choose your family – and families often suffer because of jealousy, arguments, and disagreements that can drag on for years. At Veganz, we make a conscious effort to be a team. We work together: always at eye level and with an extra helping of transparency and respect. It’s these foundations on which we’ve been building the best relationships for years – whether people leave them at the office when they go home, or pop out for a drink together after work.
  • Fairness
    We can only change the world if we work together. That’s why it’s so important to us that everyone here has the same opportunities. At Veganz, young and old(er) work together to achieve the same vision, women hold half of our managerial positions, and everyone is involved in decision-making – even big decisions. We also know that your life doesn’t just revolve around work – and that’s a good thing! No matter what: we’ll work together to find a solution.
  • Future
    We live change. Veganz is Germany’s most innovative food brand and a driving force in an extremely fast-growing industry. Did you know that today 32 million Germans have adapted their diets with the climate in mind? And that number is going in just one direction – upwards! We are convinced that a plant-based diet is the future. And you can help create it. Great, right? There’s constant change within Veganz as well. We don’t just throw everything out the window on a daily basis, but we make improvements every single day. That’s true for us as a company and – if you like – for you, too. At Veganz, the doors are wide open when it comes to your professional and personal development.
  • Freedom
    Do you prefer being surrounded by your colleagues at the office or are you more comfortable working remotely from home? Early bird or night owl? Work in the way it best suits you and your team.

Jobs with Benefits

We don’t just want to make the world a better place, we want you to be happy as part of the team as well. And since our (skateboarding!) office dogs and parties on the roof terrace sometimes aren’t quite enough, we offer our staff a wide range of benefits: 

  • Cafeteria plan
    BVG public transport tickets, Urban Sports Club, company pension, or something else? Choose from a selection of benefits that best suits your life.
  • Bike leasing
    Want to ride a bicycle? We’ll cover the leasing costs for an e-bike of your choice. Is your commute to work a bit longer? We’ll be just as happy to lease an e-scooter for you.
  • Sport
    Our Berlin staff have the chance to train with our personal trainer once a week or to relax with hot yoga.
  • Sabbatical
    Have you been dreaming of backpacking through South America or spending a year bird watching on the North Sea? No matter your dream: we’ll give you the chance to take up to a year off.
  • 20%!
    You get 20% off everything in our shops – and even at the yummy vegan sushi restaurant in our head office.
  • Birthdays off
    If you work with us, you’ll never have to work on your birthday again – and it won’t even cost you one of your 27 days’ annual leave, promise!

We're already writing the next chapter

There’s loads happening at Veganz in 2022. We haven’t only just gone public, we’re even building our own production site. In Werder (Brandenburg), we’re in the process of building our very own production site where innovative alternatives to meat and cheese will soon be rolling off the production line. How about it? Are you in?


By the way: since our main operations are in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, aka the DACH region, it’s important that anybody who works with us is good at German. That’s why we only publish our vacancies in German. We hope you understand our position and look forward to receiving your application.