About us

Hi, we’re Veganz. Who are you? Are you a vegan-pro, climate bodyguard or do you see yourself more as a part-time vegetarian? No matter which category you consider yourself to be in, we’re part of it because we love making the world just that much better and more delicious with our vegan products. At the same time we’re mindful of the environment and all living beings.

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Maybe you had some difficulties with vegan food at the beginning. Well, with us, you really can’t go wrong – especially since we’ve developed over 470 products since 2015 and can say with confidence: We’ve gotten pretty good at it. Okay, enough showing off, let’s get down to business… We at Veganz offer you a varied selection of strictly vegan foods – from sweets and snacks and plant-based proteins, to meat, fish and cheese alternatives and pizza. There’s a whole lotta Veganz food items to try out! 

Oh, and we’re also a little bit eco, too. After all, a majority of our Veganz products originate from Europe and 56% of them are certified organic. Even our packaging has its eye on the protection of the environment: compostable internal wrapping film made from recycled plastic, cardboard sleeves free from mineral oil, or the transparent Sustainability Score – these are our contribution to a more sustainable world – Good for you, better for everyone.

Our Vision

Motivating people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle as well acting more responsibly towards our environment, thereby creating a sustainable future for all living beings on the planet.​​

Our Mission

As a full-range vegan supplier, we offer everyone a wide variety of tasty, plant-based products and innovations, are transparent in our actions and behave respectfully towards all living creatures and the natural world.

Who we are

Veganz is the brand for plant-based food from the capital and we believe we are Europe’s sole multi-category provider of purely plant-based food. Founded in Berlin in 2011, we became known as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe and just a few years later managed to break into the vegan niche with a colourful array of products and a life-affirming company philosophy. You’ve surely noticed that the subject of veganism is all around us now, no longer a flash-in-the-pan dietary trend – and not just in Germany. With a lot of team spirit, knowhow and probably a little bit of luck, we’ve managed to bring our products onto the shelves of over 22.000 stores in more than half of the European countries. In this way, we are coming ever closer to our goal of making it possible for all people to have access to plant-based products. Our team of 105 people are working tirelessly each day, and with a generous pinch of passion, to make this happen.

The Management

Jan Bredack, Anja Brachmüller, Alexandra Vázquez Bea and Moritz Möller make up the Board of Directors at Veganz Group Inc. Get to know them better on our executive board page.

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