Organic Veganz Coconut Original 80 g

The Organic Veganz Coconut Original is clear proof that happiness does grow on trees. More precisely, on cocoa trees and coconut palms – where the basic ingredients for our flavourful coconut chocolate bars come from! So, fancy a slice of happiness?

Our Sustainability Score means that happiness is within reach

Do vegan chocolate and environmental protection put a smile on your face? Fantastic. Then the Organic Veganz Coconut Original is definitely a stroke of luck! Not only is our coconut chocolate ridiculously delicious, the bar also has its own environmental footprint right on the packaging – our Sustainability Score. This score tells you the CO2 footprint, water consumption, and whether animals and the rainforest are being protected. The origin of the raw materials, production, packaging, transport – absolutely everything has been calculated and compared with 110,000 other food items. We indicate the results of this comparison in stars. Two or more stars mean that the product is already more sustainable than the average product in our comparison.
Why do we do all this? Transparency and environmental protection are very important to us: you get all the facts, and at the same time it’s an opportunity for us to make our products even more sustainable.

A real stroke of luck for the climate, cows, and the rainforest

The taste of coconut and cocoa, a melt-in-your-mouth texture, and organic vegan ingredients – we really did have the magic touch when we created our Organic Veganz Coconut Original! Our delicious coconut chocolate is also respectful of the environment. After all, our bar scored the top mark in the categories of climate, animal welfare, and rainforest three stars! Find out how we got these amazing results here:


Did you know? According to Codecheck, milk chocolate is one of the most climate-damaging food products. As a comparison: milk chocolate has a CO2 emission of 288 g per bar (80 g). With our Organic Veganz Coconut Original, it’s just 124 g of CO2 – less than half!
But why does milk chocolate have such a negative carbon footprint? There are three main greenhouse gases responsible for climate change: methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide (CO2). Traditional chocolate is made from cow milk and cows produce their own greenhouse gases, namely methane. And in order to feed our 4.3 million dairy cows in Germany, we need huge amounts of land to grow fodder. The majority of this fodder is grown in faraway countries, where forests and grassland are often cleared, or wetlands drained. This is really bad for our planet, as rainforests in particular are some of the largest CO2 reservoirs in the world. Transporting the fodder creates even more carbon dioxide. In addition, the intensive fertilisation of farmland releases another greenhouse gas: nitrous oxide. If you want to snack sustainably, our Coconut Original is just the alternative for you.

Animale Welfare

Our melt-in-your-mouth Organic Veganz Coconut Original is made entirely from vegan organic ingredients. There’s a whole lot of animal love in our bars! Most conventional chocolate, however, has a high percentage of dairy milk.
Why is our purely plant-based coconut chocolate the more animal-friendly alternative? For cows to even be able to produce milk, they have to regularly birth calves. The fact that a cow can produce milk continuously is a result of regular artificial insemination. After the calf is born, the mother and its baby are separated from one another – and that’s cruel for both of them! In addition, dairy cows spend their entire lives in unsuitable housing. These stresses cause trauma and harm the animals. In comparison, a free-range, healthy cow can live for up to 30 years, while a dairy cow has a life expectancy of just 5 years. That’s not fair! You’d rather go for our vegan coconut chocolate, right?


It’s not at all uncommon for milk chocolate to contain palm oil. Not in our Organic Veganz Coconut Original chocolate! We use a recipe free from palm oil. There is no soy, either. This way, we guarantee the utmost protection against deforestation and support the preservation of green forest areas.
Why is the rainforest so important? It’s our planet’s green lung, and it has an immense influence on our climate. Plants, bushes, and trees absorb CO2 from the air. They use the carbon in the air to grow. This creates oxygen. And who needs oxygen to survive? Correct, all living beings on our planet!
When we destroy our rainforests, large amounts of CO2 are released, which enhances the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. Rainforest protection means climate protection! That is why it is of great importance to all of us that tropical rainforests are preserved.

We are still not quite happy with our water consumption

Our Organic Veganz Coconut Original is really something special: happy ingredients from happy trees. Unfortunately, these trees need a lot of watercocoa trees and coconut palms especially. And this is reflected in the amount of water needed to make our coconut chocolate. Because it’s just too high for us! As well as intensive irrigation, the cultivation areas for the trees also play an important role. In the source countries, the water supply infrastructure is unfortunately not yet sufficiently developed. This is also evident in the water footprint.
What can we do about it? The answer could be to help directly at the source, or to purchase ingredients from another country. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, and does not always happen overnight. However, we are tireless in our pursuit, bursting with energy, and always open to change. Because in the end, we only want one thing: to produce the best possible products for you and our environment.


Coconut sugar*, cocoa mass*, desiccated coconut* (15%), cocoa butter*, coconut milk powder* (5,0%) (coconut milk* (82%), maltodextrin*), ground vanilla beans*. Chocolate contains: cocoa solids 48% minimum.
*certified organic

May contain traces of almond, hazelnut and milk.

Made in: Switzerland

Nutrition information

Nutrition Information per 100 g
– of which saturates
– of which sugars

So much joy is in this bar

Because I’m happy… clap along if you know what happiness is to you! Find out why our Organic Veganz Coconut Original makes us so happy here:

  • Blessed with high-quality organic ingredients: The ingredients used in our vegan bars come from controlled organic farming.
  • Melt-in-your-mouth delicious: Cocoa mass and coconut milk powder ensure an unbelievable melting texture – similar to (or even tastier than) milk chocolate.
  • Happiness is a bar of chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 48%. Because that’s what gives the Organic Veganz Coconut Original bar such an aromatic taste.
  • Pretty sweet! We only use coconut blossom sugar instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • Artificial bells and whistles?! Not in our Organic Veganz Coconut Original! You’ll find neither artificial additives nor emulsifiers in this bar.


We use these materials in this product.

Biogenic packaging materials
2 g
3.9 g

Our eco-friendly packaging makes your chocolatey happiness perfect!

To compliment the environmentally friendly ingredients, our Organic Veganz Coconut Original also comes with sustainable packaging. Our green-minded packaging is comprised of the following:

  1. Natureflex film: The coconut chocolate is first wrapped in a NatureFlex film, a special film made from sustainably sourced wood fibre. It can be composted and will decompose within 50 days. If you don’t have a compost heap, you can put it with your recycling waste!
  2. Paper wrapper: Once the film is on, a paper wrapper is placed around the bar. This wrapper is FSC-certified and printed with mineral oil-free ink. Does all this seem a bit unusual to you? That may be! But don’t worry, the packaging offers great protection to keep the bar crispy, aromatic, and delicious.

We are quite proud of this packaging, because unlike the rest of the market, we use a compostable, plastic-free film.

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