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Ohhhhh, what’s there to see? Veganz Vegan Scrambled ‘Egg’ will make your breakfast truly unique! All you need to do is stir some water into this heartily seasoned alternative to egg made from broad beans, et voilà, you’ve got yourself vegan scrambled ‘egg’ or an omelet to pop on the breakfast table.
If scrambled ‘egg’ is something you’ve been missing since you went vegan, you’ll be wanting for nothing now. It only takes a moment to put together the Veganz Vegan Scrambled ‘Egg’ and since it’s already seasoned with kala namak and the like, it doesn’t just taste authentic, it also provides a good helping of protein on top.

Three, two, one: that’s just about as long as it takes to prepare the vegan scrambled ‘egg’

To prepare the plant-based breakfast scrambled ‘egg’ or an omelet, all you need to do is combine the powder with 200 ml of water. Pre-heat a pan, add a little oil, and pour in your mixture. Break up the mixture after about two minutes and then fry it for a little longer, remembering to stir from time to time. Your alternative to egg is ready once the entire mixture has become firm. Bon appetit!


That’ll drive your grandma crazy: this is how sustainable the Veganz Vegan Scrambled ‘Egg’ is

We at Veganz would love a future in which every human being and every animal can live a life worth living on our beautiful planet. To achieve that, it’s important to consider the impact the manufacture of food has on the environment and climate. Therefore, we want to be completely transparent about the sustainability of our products and have the individual sustainability score calculated for each of them. These calculations are put together by the independent Swiss institute Eaternity, that takes a close look at the manufacturing process and the supply chains for each Veganz product and then compares the results with those of more than 100k other products. The result is a simple score represented by stars: 1 star means there’s room for improvement in terms of sustainability. 2 stars mean the product is better than average, and 3 stars show that the product is more than 50% more sustainable than the average product.

Our Veganz Vegan Scrambled ‘Egg’ has earnt itself the top score of 3 stars for its carbon emissions, animal welfare, and rainforest protection. For its water consumption, sadly it’ only been able to earn one star. This is mainly due to the high demand for water for the ingredient carrageenan. Carrageenan is made from red algae and is what gives the product its consistency – and unfortunately, manufacturing it requires too much water. We hope to be able to use an alternative that uses fewer resources very soon.


Broad bean flour (45 %), corn flour, gelling agents: methyl cellulose, carrageenan; natural flavourings, pea
protein, dextrose, salt, stabiliser: calcium carbonate; spices, black salt (crystal salt, salsola stocksii), turmeric.

May contain traces of celery, soya, cereals containing gluten, egg, milk and sulfite.

Made in: Germany

Nutrition information

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