Vegan Mango Smoothie Bowl with White Almond Crisp Topping

With the Organic Veganz Protein Choc Bar White Almond Crisp

How about it? Have you had breakfast yet? If you need that extra boost of energy (in the morning), let us present a quick recipe for a vegan Mango Smoothie Bowl topped with the Veganz Protein Choc Bar White Almond Crisp.

Energy to go with vegan protein

Our protein bar on its own and the combination with fruity mango-coconut-yoghurt are the perfect companions when you’re on the go. The vegan Mango Smoothie Bowl is really quick and simple to make and is sure to give your lunch box that special kick! So creamy, so fruity, and oh so tasty. And the best thing: it’s a really satiating meal! Made with a mix of rice, pea, soya, and pumpkin seed protein, our Protein Choc Bar White Almond already provides a good portion of the good stuff. Just look beneath the surface of its crispy outer to discover the almonds and protein rice crispies. Add to that the versatile fruity yoghurt bowl, fresh raspberries, and even more almonds, and you’ve landed yourself a proper power pack in a bowl!

Where to get hold of our Organic Veganz Protein Choc Bar White Almond Crisp

Luckily, there are already a lot of places where you can get your hands on our protein bar to sweeten both your day and the Smoothie Bowl! Among the stockists are, e.g., Edeka, Rossmann, dm, Müller, and many other shops. For a full list, please look here. If you still struggle to find any when you’re out shopping, we’d encourage you to submit our Wish List to your local shop.

Ingredients (1 Person)


Here’s how it works.

Got everything ready? Let's go!
  1. Place the vegan alternative to yoghurt, frozen mango, maple syrup, and juice of half a lime in the blender and purée until creamy and smooth. Pour into a bowl.

  2. Cut the Veganz Protein Bar into bite-sized pieces and wash the raspberries. Use them to garnish your puréed Mango Smoothie Bowl. Finish off the topping with some almond slivers and fresh mint. Bon appetit!

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Recipe from: Hier kocht Alex
Alexander Flohr, better known as "Hier kocht Alex" is not exactly the prototype vegan considering he is a master road builder. As a YouTuber, cookbook author, and TV chef, he shows with his recipes that you don’t have to do without as a vegan. From Königsberger meatballs to Soljanka, he brings well-known classics to the table in a purely plant-based version!
Copyright: Hier kocht Alex

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