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10 years of Veganz – Our Veganz Story over the years

We will take you on a journey into the past. In the last 120 months, we have grown from a small neighbourhood shop to a global company and brand whose around 120 vegan products can currently be found in over 22,000 stores in more than half of the European countries. Learn about the exciting Veganz company history now!

Good for you, better for everyone.

Something new for you!

It’s time to go ‘fishing’… for some vegan tuna! Veganz Tunno, to be precise. Come on and catch yourself some pea protein-based vegan tuna straight from the can. It saves fish and protects the oceans. And it’s not lacking flavour either — thanks to Ascophyllum, a kind of brown algae. The result: a real taste of ocean. Hands down: our Tunno is sure to be the tastiest catch of your life!

We make sustainability visible

We did it! Together with the Swiss Eaternity Institute! Thanks to our collaborative effort, for the past few months now, several of our Veganz products have, openly and transparently, begun to carry their own eco-balance on the package. You can read about how, where, what and why we are doing this in our blog entry.

Vegan vegan products with sustainability score

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