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Do you still consider yourself a Vegan Newbie and find yourself in a little bit of a “Where-The-Heck-Do-I-Start-With-The-Becoming-Vegan-Thing” crisis? Do terms like made with seitan, kala namak and ohnig sound like ancient Greek to you? And maybe you have absolutely no idea what to do with all those enigmatic vegan products? Don’t worry: We will happily take you by the hand and show you how easy and delicious plant-based nutrition can be.

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Newbie FAQ

What exactly does vegan living mean?

To be vegan or vegetarian these days is no longer some kind of niche phenomenon but is accepted more and more into mainstream society. The vegan trend is strongest in Germany. Based on the current population of 83.1 million people (as of October 2021), the Veganz Nutrition Study 2021 estimates that 1.18 million people – or around 2,2% of the population – already follow a vegan diet and around 2,47 million (4.6%) are vegetarians.

Vegans are people who consume no animal products such as meat, fish, milk and eggs. In some cases, vegans go even further and, in addition to their diet, focus on a purely vegan lifestyle: They don’t wear any clothes or shoes made from animal materials like leather, fur, or down and/or utilise only cosmetic and cleaning products that are free of animal ingredients and have not been tested on them. As you can see: Vegans don’t do anything halfway and do their best to forego the use of animals or animal products in all areas of their lives, and at their own discretion – for ethical, health or environmental reasons! Quite interesting: 84,6 % of European vegans (source: Veganz Nutritional Report 2021) live the vegan lifestyle 100%. Would you have thought that?

What does the warning "May contain traces of…” mean?

From time to time, we receive concerned messages from consumers of our products who have discovered the words “May contain traces of […]” on the packaging. But don’t worry, this information only means that we cannot exclude residue from previous productions, manufactured on the same line in plants and machines, for design reasons. Despite thorough cleaning, it is possible that products contain traces of milk or eggs, for example. However, these are in the microgram range and are not relevant for you as a normal consumer. However, the indication of these traces is very important for severe allergy sufferers, as they can cause a reaction even with the smallest amounts. We can assure you that our products are vegan made and without animal ingredients, so they are guaranteed to be 100% plant based.

Why do vegan products have to have the exact same look, taste and name as the originals made with meat and fish, etc.?

At first, a lot of people, especially beginners, associate a plant-based diet with sacrifice. However, our substitute products, such as the Crispy Nuggets or Sea Style Sticks, offer an excellent introduction and are perfect for so-called “vegan newbies” to make their own dietary change varied and simple. Our goal is to take your culinary routine to the next level with our authentic counterparts and to just make you happy. Our alternatives are partly ready-to-eat or easily prepared in just a few minutes, and are so good that you’ll have no problem saying ‘au revoir’ to meat, etc. With adopting a vegan diet, Veganz products make it almost child’s play in adopting a vegan lifestyle – at your own time and pace. We’ll be honest: being vegan doesn’t immediately mean you don’t like the taste of animal products. It’s more about the environmental aspect and the welfare of animals. A product named after a similar one made with animals helps orientate itself on taste and consistency. There are also vegetarians who have no need for plant-based meat and fish alternatives. Others are thankful for the substitute. It’s great that there are people with varying tastes and eating habits, don’t you think?!

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