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The food brand from Berlin with an innovative variety of products and pure vegan pleasure.

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10 years of Veganz – Our Veganz Story over the years

We will take you on a journey into the past. In the last 120 months, we have grown from a small neighbourhood shop to a global company and brand whose 120 vegan products can currently be found in over 18,000 stores in 28 countries around the world. Learn about the exciting Veganz company history now!

Good for you, better for everyone.

The Veganz nutrition study 2020 is there!

On 01.11.2020 the World Vegan Day was celebrated! We have therefore carried out a Europe-wide nutrition study and took a close look at the eating habits of 7 European countries.Thank you very much for over 2,600 participations in our nutrition survey!You want to learn more about the fantastic facts from our study? Then take a look at our study results right now.

Graphic file Veganz nutrition study 2020

Something new for you!

Delicate and buttery, a mildly aromatic taste, wonderfully soft in texture, free of gluten, soy or palm oil – thanks to our vegan gouda, nothing stands in the way of your personal cheese happiness. In its practical block format, the Veganz
Gourmet Piece
is also very versatile. There are no limits to your creativity!

There are over 125 Veganz products in our online shop

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We make sustainability visible

We did it! Together with the Swiss Eaternity Institute! Thanks to our collaborative effort, for the past few months now, several of our Veganz products have, openly and transparently, begun to carry their own eco-balance on the package. You can read about how, where, what and why we are doing this in our blog entry.

Vegan vegan products with sustainability score

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