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eat something for the climate!

Our tip, par excellence: Climate protection is best with high protein. And in the practical to-go format. In the shape of a handy bar or as a drink packaged in a sustainable carton can. Eat something for the climate and grab one of our Veganz Protein Drinks and Clean Protein Bars 30, which can now also be seen on TV. To enjoy the full enjoyment of the delicious climate protectors, take part in our pizza competition!

All facts on the table

We did it! Together with the Swiss Eaternity Institute! Thanks to our collaborative effort, for the past few months now, several of our Veganz products have, openly and transparently, begun to carry their own eco-balance on the package. You can read about how, where, what and why we are doing this in our blog entry.

Something new for you!

We’re swabbing the decks in the refrigerated section – after all, only seaweed and no deep-sea inhabitants land in the nets when making the Veganz Salmon Style Slices. And our vegan salmon tastes amazingly authentic due to the beechwood smoking process. Sound good? Alright, then, let’s cast off port side, and into your galley!

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