Terms and conditions-"Eating for the climate"

Win, enjoy and do something good together? How is that possible? Well, all you have to do is participate in our “Eating for the climate” contest.
We’re giving away a total of 6 Veganz protein boxes valued at a total of 300,-€ . This way, you can have our incredibly delicious Veganz protein snacks delivered to you and your loved ones’ doorstep.

Both competition periods on the Veganz online channels are as follows:

The “Eat Something for the Environment” competition on Facebook from Wednesday, the 17th of June 2020 from the release until Tuesday, 23.06.2020 (23:59/11:59 pm.)

“Eat Something for the Environment” competition on Instagram from Wednesday, the 17th of June 2020 from the release until Tuesday, 23.06.2020 (23:59/11:59 pm.)

erms and Conditions of the Veganz Competition: “Virtual Quarantine-Buddy Veganz Pizza-Party” 
The Veganz Competition “Eating for the climate” is a limited time, promotional offer of Veganz Group Ltd, Warschauer Str. 32, 10243 Berlin (hereafter called Veganz) and will be presented on Instagram and Facebook through the Veganz online channels. 

Participation in the competition is only permitted if these terms and conditions are observed. 
Participation in the contest is subject exclusively to the following conditions of participation. 
Veganz reserves the right to alter, suspend or terminate the conditions of participation at any time without prior notice or explanation. This right may be exercised, in particular, if a proper execution of the competition is no longer guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. 
Terms and Conditions of Participation 
The first contest begins on 08.05.2020 from the time of publication as a Facebook post on the company’s own online channel. Participation is possible until 20.05.2020 (12 am). The further three contest announcements will be published alternately on the Veganz Instagram and Facebook channels (see above for exact scheduling). 

In order to participate in the competition, these conditions of participation should be expressly acknowledged, and the entrant must be a permanent resident in Germany. In order to participate, each person must leave a comment under the respective post, indicating which three friends they would like to organise their “Virtual Quarantine-Buddy Vegan Pizza-Party” with. 

In addition, participants must enter their name and e-mail address as well as those of their friends in the contact form on the Veganz competition website. 

A winner will be drawn at random from all participants in the competition every two weeks and will be notified per e-mail. The winners may be published and named in other print and online media (e.g. internet, magazine, social media, etc.) together with the first name and place of residence of Veganz and partner companies. 
Persons over 18 years of age who are resident in Germany are eligible to participate. Persons under 18 years of age require the consent of their legal guardian(s) to participate. If this is not available, participation in the competition is excluded. Also excluded from participation in the competition are employees of the Veganz Group, their relatives and all persons involved in the competition, especially those who are part of the technical and/or organisational implementation or execution. 
Each participant may enter the competition just once. Multiple entries are excluded. Veganz reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition in case of multiple participation. 
Veganz has the right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice and without specifying its reasons. Veganz can use this right, in particular, if a proper execution of the contest should no longer be possible for technical or legal reasons. 

To enter, participants of the Facebook compteition mus tlike the competition post and answer the following question: “What are our protein drinks made with? a) oats b) soy c) rice?”

Prizes, Notification, Transfer and Deadline
The winners will be drawn one day after the end of the competition and be informed of their prize via private message.  

The prize is non-transferrable and non-redeemable in cash. 
Veganz bears any applicable taxes on the profit. 
If the prize is not available due to reasons beyond Veganz’ control, Veganz reserves the right to deliver an equivalent replacement. 

Participation is free of charge and is not dependant on purchase or other contractual agreement.  

We’re giving away a total of 6 Veganz protein boxes worth a total of 300,-€.

These products are in the Veganz protein box

6x Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Peanut 

6x Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Coconut 

6x Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Cocoa 

5x Veganz Organic Protein Drink Cocoa 

5x Veganz Organic Protein Drink Buttermilk Mango Style 

Data Protection 
The participant agrees that his submitted data (name, address, e-mail address and, if applicable, Facebook/Instagram username) may be collected, processed and used by Veganz Group Ltd, Warschauer Str. 32, 10243 Berlin for the purpose of conducting and processing the competition. 

In the case of minors, the aforementioned consent must be given by the legal guardian(s). 
The information provided will only be used to contact the winner and for the type of publication described in this document. The participant’s data will not be archived, forwarded to third parties and destroyed after the campaign. After termination of the competition and the prize draw, the personal data collected will be deleted, unless there is an obligation to temporarily store the data due to legal regulations. 

The participant can object to the use of his data at any time, in writing or by e-mail, to Veganz at marketing@veganz.de. As a result, the personal data will no longer be processed and used. They are then excluded from the competition. If the participant has not registered for our newsletter, the data will be completely deleted after the competition.  

Berlin, 15.06.2020 

Information on Data Protection
The information (data) provided during the competition is used exclusively for the execution and processing of said competition. We do not use the collected data for any other purposes. In particular, this data will not be passed on to third parties. When registering for the e-mail newsletter, you agree that during the use of our services (website, newsletter etc.) personal tracking information may be collected and used for the purpose of personalised advertising and market research by Veganz Ltd. In the future, Veganz Ltd may use this information, as well as your purchasing and click behaviour on www.veganz.de and in the newsletter, to send you personal product, service and special offer information within the scope of our newsletter by e-mail. If you object to the use of your data and no longer wish to receive the Veganz newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time in any newsletter or in the “Newsletter” section at www.veganz.de.

Please click here to view our general privacy policy.

Veganz is not liable for prizes received late. Furthermore, warranty claims for material faults and/or legal defects are excluded. These are to be asserted with the manufacturer of the product. 

Veganz is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent conduct of its own or intentional or grossly negligent conduct of its vicarious agents as well as deliberate or grossly negligent breach of material obligations. This does not apply to damage with the injury of life, body and/or health. 

Applicable Law

Only the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Legal recourse is excluded. Should individual provisions of these conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.