Veganz Fruity Peaches 100 g

Broken hearts? Not here! On the contrary, with us you can fall in love with sweet and juicy peach flavoured fruit gummy hearts – the Veganz Fruity Peaches. Wonderfully soft and heartily delicious!


A Sustainability Score to Fall in Love With

With our irresistible Veganz Fruity Peaches you can keep wearing the rose-coloured glasses! Maybe you will recognise the Sustainability Score on your all-time favourite fruit gums – the one we’ve printed right on the bag. Sustainability Score? Huh? Simple! As you can see from the image above, we’ve broken it down into four categories:  CO2 emissions, water footprint, animal welfare and rainforest preservation. Thanks to these divisions, it’s child play when trying to figure out how sustainable our little hearts are, and you can easily choose a snack at the supermarket that is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. 
Why are we doing this? Transparency and environmental protection are close to our hearts: You get all the facts and we have the chance to make our products more sustainable. 

A Heart for Animals and the Environment

There’s a whole lotta love in a bag of our Veganz Fruity Peaches: Love for you, love for animals and love for the environment. As you can see from the Sustainability Score, our fruit gummies get best marks in all four categories.  

How does it get so many crushes at once? Since we have a heart for all living beings, we don’t put any animal products in our fruit gummies – neither gelatine nor beeswax.  

What about CO2? Sensational! After all, the ingredients have a good carbon footprint since all of them come mainly from France or Germany. In addition, only small amounts of CO2 emissions are released from the packaging during production or manufacture. Water footprint? Not an issue! All the ingredients have a very good balance. Even the rainforest can breathe a sigh of relief as no palm oil or soy is used in the recipe. 

This way, we guarantee optimal protection against deforestation and therefore support the preservation of green forest areas. 


Glucose syrup, beet sugar, modified starch, gelling agent: carrageenan; acid: citric acid; acidity regulator: sodium citrates; natural flavouring, colouring vegetable and fruit concentrates (carrot, blackcurrant), colour: paprika extract; glazing agent: carnauba wax.

May contain traces of wheat.

Made in: France

Nutrition information

Nutrition Information per 100 g
– of which sugars


We use these materials in this product.

Synthetic materials
2 g

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