Vegan Döner

With Veganz Vegan Cold Cuts Bell Pepper

If you want to make a vegan kebab, you can use our Veganz Shredded Soy or Veganz Soy Medallions! But you know what’s just as good and even faster and easier? Using the Veganz Vegan Bell Pepper Cold Cuts as a savoury ingredient. Cold cuts = kebab meat? It doesn’t sound obvious at first, but we’ll show you how you can make a delicious vegan kebab out of Veganz Vegan Bell Pepper Cold Cuts.

You can easily make a hearty Dürüm with all vegan ingredients. The wrap-like roll of yufka pita bread is also great for sharing and can be jazzed up in the oven with the Veganz Gourmet Mild Melter.

Bring back a piece of childhood with the Vegan Cold Cuts from Veganz

Whether in a colourful sandwich, straight out of the package or on a fresh slice of bread – take a bite and Veganz Cold Cuts will let you reminisce about your childhood. And the Veganz Bell Pepper Cold Cut also makes very good veggie kebab meat! When pan fried, it becomes fluffy on the inside and super crispy on the outside. This makes the meat substitute dangerously close to conventional döner meat. And that’s exactly our plan. You try it out too!

Ingredients (1 Serve)


Here’s how it works.

  1. Chop up the Veganz Vegan Bell Pepper Cold Cuts into small pieces and fry them for around 5-10 minutes in some oil. Season with a little pepper for extra spice.

  2. In the meantime, chop the onion, cucumber, tomato and iceberg lettuce.

  3. Cut open the flatbread and spread on the Veganz Classic Sandwich Spread.

  4. Then fill the bread with the Cold Cuts, sauerkraut, and salad. Bon appetit!

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