Finally meat-free!

With the Veganz Dehab

You probably know what it’s like: you walk past a kebab stand and the tantalising smell of kebab wafts up your nose… No matter what… the temptation is great and you can only think of one thing: “Wow, a delicious kebab… I really fancy one right now!”Saying no is hard. But not impossible. You are strong. You can do this. You can finally become meat-free! And all you need is Veganz Dehab: the meat detox chewing gum with extra long-lasting kebab flavour!

Fight your insatiable cravings!

You want to stop eating meat but don’t know how? We have the solution: the Veganz Dehab! Thanks to its countless positive properties the vegan chewing-gum reduces your meat withdrawal symptoms and is thus supporting you through your meat detox journey like nothing else:

  1. Delivers the unadulterated kebab taste as you chew
  2. Reduces your meat cravings in just 15 seconds
  3. Equivalent to up to 3 kebabs
  4. With B12 and iron
  5. Vegan, sugar- & plastic-free packaging – good for you and the environment
  6. Dehab will make you look fab – people who already live a vegan lifestyle are 65% more attractive

So if you ever experience a moment of “weakness”, don’t worry, just grab your Dehab and give the kebab stand the cold shoulder. We believe in you. What others can do, you can do better, because:

Not only recommended by Veganz: 85% of Dehabbers* believe that they can go meat-free for the long-term thanks to the Dehab.

Source: Super serious Dehabber study

Dehab is good for the environment!

Yes, you read that right. Dehab is not only a neat deal for you, it cares for the environment as well. Because every time you go for a Dehab instead of a kebab, you are saving animal lives while at the same time doing something good for our planet.

  • Dehab is good for the climate: If you and all other people became meat-free (which is surely possible with the Dehab), the greenhouse gases that harm our climate would decrease by one third.
  • Dehab is good for your health: A wholesome plant-based diet – so not only our Dehab – has a positive effect on your health and can thus help you to prevent diseases such as diabetes.
  • Dehab is good for the animals: Did you know that with a vegan diet you could save one animal per day? If you calculate that on a monthly or yearly basis or until the day you are 80 years old – it adds up to a lot of saved animal lives! All thanks to the Dehab!
  • Dehab is good for the water resources: Does your mouth water at the sight of a kebab? Oh yes, same here. But stop! It wastes too much water! With a vegan diet you can save up to 4,200 liters per day.

And where is this Dehab now?

We will reveal to you what our Dehab is all about next week, for sure! If in the meantime you experience meat cravings, you can make do with these products: