Vegan baked goods from Veganz at bakery counters all over Germany

The vegan baked goods from Veganz are here!

Have you been secretly dreaming of savoury sausage in a roll or of a sweet pastry fresh from the bakery? Well, you’re in luck! Starting right now, you can get hold of Veganz baked goods at Bake-Off stations across Germany – all vegan (of course!), super tasty, and at least as good as the conventional varieties.

Whether you prefer it chocolaty and sweet like the Chocolate Croissant, crunchy and creamy like the Vanilla Puff Pastry Stick, or savoury and filling like the Veganz Sausage Roll: your gourmet heart is sure to skip a beat. Promise! Find out more about the baked goods and where to find them here. 

Snacks To Go

Our latest Nutrition Report has confirmed it: people would like a greater selection of vegan baked goods. Another important thing they really fancy is entirely plant-based variety for the lunch break. And that’s why we’ve made a great selection of Bake-Off products available at Germany’s self-service counters. These recipes make it possible for sustainability and enjoyment to exist in perfect harmony.

Get yours here now

Are you wondering where to get hold of this brand new goodie? It’s already available in the north of Germany: take a look at the following map to see all 122 participating COMBI & famila as well as all the Rewe supermarkets where the baked goods are available. So, what are you waiting for? Give the latest Veganz snacks a try and let us know whether you like them.

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Our world of baked goods: news & promotions!

How about being able to get hold of vegan versions of your favourite baked goods nearby? It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?! We’re doing all we can to make the veganised classics available to you soon.

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