Vegan baked goods from Veganz in Germany's bakery sections

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You’ve already been able to get hold of our very first pre-baked product at more than 120 Combi and famila stores since late 2021. We’re talking about the new Veganz Vanilla Puff Pastry Stick: look forward to crispy, sweet puff pastry filled with enticing vegan vanilla cream. You won’t be able to get enough of our vegan vanilla stick!

This year’s Nutrition Report 2021 has confirmed it: people want a greater selection of vegan baked goods. Many are also craving some plant-based variety on their lunch break. That’s why we’ve been working with our friends at Bakerman to develop the Vanilla Puff Pastry Stick – the first of ten Veganz baked good items for self-service sections at supermarkets. This recipe is the perfect union of sustainability and indulgence.

Get yours here now:

Are you wondering where to get hold of this brand new goodie? It’s already available in the north of Germany: take a look at the map to see all the 122 participating famila and Combi supermarkets. So, what are you waiting for? Give the latest Veganz snack a try and let us know whether you like it.

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Snacks To Go

Still not enough? Don’t worry – that’s not all! Over the coming days and weeks, you can look forward to many more takeaway baked goods:

How about a crispy pizza donut with vegan mini sausage slices or a chocolate-filled croissant topped with crunchy hazelnuts? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! We’re doing all we can to make the veganised classics available to you soon. But in the meantime, here are the takeaway baked goods at a glance:

  • Veganz Vegan Ham & Cheese Alternative Croissant
  • Veganz “Burger Style” Mini Pizza
  • Veganz Vegan Salami Pizza Donut
  • Veganz BBQ Pulled Soya Pizza
  • Veganz Sausage Roll
  • Veganz Cream Pastry
  • Veganz Chocolate Croissant
  • Veganz Vanilla Puff Pastry Stick
  • Veganz Sweet Pastry Balls
  • Veganz Vegan Cream Pastry Roll

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