For a World that’s Good for Everyone

Whether you like to get up early or sleep in late, wear pants or a skirt, idolise Britney or worship Beyoncé, watch Friends or binge on How I Met Your Mother… in short: it doesn’t matter who you are – Veganz is the brand for you, your best friends, the grumpy bus driver and the crazy cat lady next door – simply everyone. Our products are not just good for people, they’re good for the environment, the animals and our future. Veganz is good for you, and better for everyone.

For a world where
everyone's a winner

Okay, maybe not everyone, but if you happen to be one of the lucky ones, you can share your prize… right? Mhm. Yeah. Sure.

Oh, right, and what exactly we are we giving away? 20 one month supply of 31 bars each, worth more than 50. €. The total value of our competition prizes amounts to 1.580,70 €.

Your Month’s Supply Contains

How to enter:

  1. Choose your favourite Veganz Choc Bar or Protein Choc Bar.
  2. Take a cool picture of the bar and post your photo onto your Insta-Story or your Instagram post.
  3. Tag @veganz and use the hashtag #füreineweltdieallenschmeckt
    Good luck!

Conditions of participation for the competition

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For a world that protects everyone

Climate change here, climate change there. Global warming, CO2 emissions, glaciers melting, threats to the rain forest – Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes, groan, sigh heavily. These terms swirl around you all day, every day and here we go, raining on your parade by saying them again. But here’s the deal, all the things that sound so abstract or feel far away, are actually happening now, as we speak: Our earth and its climate are changing, our resources are becoming scarcer and the human population is growing. This is why it’s high time we all take action together.

And indeed, our advert addresses these topics and symbolically shows what things need to be preserved and that this protection lies in our power; a preservation that vegan nutrition can contribute to and making our world a little better. Don’t believe it? Keep on reading:

Vegan for the Planet Have you ever thought about swapping your cow’s milk chocolate bar for one of our delicious vegan Choc Bars? That would be awesome, especially since plant-based products have many positive effects on the environment: for example, they contribute to the protection of animals and their natural habitats, water and forests, use resources more sustainably, and help curb climate change.

Vegan for the People A wholesome plant-based diet, not vegan chocolate and chips, has a positive effect on your health and can help prevent diseases such as diabetes. In addition, the world’s population is increasing more and more rapidly and we really should be thinking about how we want to feed all mommies, daddies and babies in the future. Plant-based products contribute to a fairer world and a more sustainable food supply for us all.

Vegan for the Water Does the sight of a juicy hamburger makes your mouth water? Oh yes, ours, too. But only if it’s vegan – after all, the animal burger consumes far too much water. As a comparison: For the production of a 150-gram beef burger, about 2,350 litres of water are needed, while a soy burger needs on average only 158 litres. In addition, animal agricultural is responsible for an enormous amount of water pollution and we have just one thing to say about that: It’s a bunch of manure!

Vegan for the Animals What do a schnitzel, a leather bag, a pair of sneakers and mascara have in common? That’s right, you don’t need animals to make any of these products! Everything can be made vegan these days – without causing any suffering, just a lot of love. Did you know, for example, that you can save an animal a day by adopting a vegan diet? Calculate that in terms of the month, the year or until you are 80 – that’s a lot of animals that could be saved!

Vegan for the Rainforest Eat something green, save something green. Literally. With a plant-based diet you can protect 3.8 m² of rainforest per day. This is extremely important because forests fulfil fundamental functions for you and the climate since they absorb C02 from the air, use the carbon for their growth while producing oxygen – and who needs that to survive? Exactly. We do!

For a world that
everyone can enjoy

Our spot advertises the Veganz Choc Bars and Protein Choc Bars. Why did we choose these products? Because you, we and everyone else are so crazy about them! If you haven’t tried our vegan bars yet, no worries – we’ll just introduce them to you here. And then, before you can say “I love my Veganz Choc Bar” three times, you can run over to one of our retail partner stores or order the delicacies conveniently online.

Veganz Protein Choc Bars I’d like to bake myself a cake and call it harmony… not in a pan, muffin paper or on a baking sheet, though, but in a practical bar format! And let’s be honest, we all like cake. Which is why the taste of the three types of Veganz Protein Choc Bars tastes a whole lot like that yummy pastry but covered a delicate dark chocolate coating. With the Strawberry Cake Style, Cookie Dough Style and Chocolate Brownie Style varieties, you can nibble away whilst doing some good at the same time: All three bars have a protein content of 20%, contain no additives and are certified organic. Better than cake? We think so!

Veganz Choc Bars Make your world a little sweeter. And chocolatey-er. Ideally with our Choc Bars. Choose between Coconut, Strawberry, Hazelnut and Caramel varieties or take away the whole foursome! All our vegan chocolate bars contain a delicious creme filling, chock full of either juicy coconut flakes, fruity strawberry pieces, whole hazelnuts or crunchy caramel chunks. With the Strawberry and Coconut varieties, by the way, we have deliberately drawn on popular chocolate candy bar classics that might remind you of your childhood. Psst… it’s rumoured that they taste just as good, if not better – but that’s probably because of their vegan recipe. And that goes for all four types of bars: Each of them is made with natural ingredients, is certified organic and contains no artificial additives or palm oil and is soy-free.

For a world that is
visibly sustainable

It is not just the incredibly delicious taste that makes our vegan bars so special. All four varieties of Veganz Choc Bars have their own eco-balance printed on the packaging. As you can see from the picture, the eco-balance assessment can be divided into four sustainability categories: This allows you to see exactly how much CO2 is created and water consumed, whether the rainforest has been damaged during production and which animal welfare certification the vegan chocolate bars have earned. Why do we do this? Transparency and environmental protection are very important to us: You get all the facts and at the same time we have the chance to get the best out of our products.