Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky 80 g

We’re swabbing the decks in the refrigerated section – after all, only seaweed and no deep-sea inhabitants land in the nets when making the Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky. And our vegan salmon tastes amazingly authentic due to the beechwood smoking process. Sound good? Alright, then, let’s cast off port side, and into your galley!


Sustainability straight from the hook

The authentic taste, a concentrated dose of Omega-3 fatty acids and a variety of uses – there’s a lot to be excited about with our Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky! Oh, but our vegan salmon can do so many things – and we can even show you just how sustainable it is with its eco-balance right on the package! As you can see from the image, there are four categories: CO2 emissions, water footprint, animal welfare and rainforest preservation. This way, we’ve made it easy for you to choose products that are not only tasty but good for the environment when shopping for food.  

Why are we so open? Transparency and environmental protection are very important to us: You get all the facts and at the same time, we have the chance to make our products even more sustainable.  

Protect the fish, save the environment

Our vegan salmon is made with seaweed and microalgae – which means it not only super yummy but also an absolute climate wonder to boot! Right there on the package, you can see its eco-balance and where we received the absolute highest marks in all four sustainability categories. Because of its purely plant-based recipe, the Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky protect the worldwide fish population and thereby hooking itself 3 stars for animal welfare. Furthermore, all ingredients have a low CO2 emission value. By comparison: 100g of our vegan smoked lax has a CO2 emission value of 251g whereas Atlantic salmon produces 760g of emissions – that’s more than triple! Water footprint? We’re on it! None of our raw materials are sourced from countries where water is scarce. Last but not least, our beautiful rainforest can also breathe a sigh of relief, as neither palm oil nor soy is used.   


Water, vegetable oil with flavouring (linseed, rapeseed, algae extract (knotted kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum), sea thong (Himanthalia elongata), japanese kelp (Undaria pinnatifida), chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris))), pea protein, maltodextrin, potato starch, sea salt, gelling agent: konjac; OAT fibre, carrot fibre, smoke flavour, colours: paprika extract, beta carotene; thickener: xanthan gum; acidity regulator: calcium hydroxide; beechwood smoke.

Oat fibre is gluten-free.

Made in: Germany

Origin of raw materials

Most of the ingredients, such as our algae and oils, come from France.

Nutrition information

Nutrition Information per 100 g
– of which saturates
– of which sugars

Fishing for Compliments

Oh, yeah, our vegan salmon hooks its fair share of praises! Why are there nothing but nice things to say about it? Easy: Our Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky are completely vegan and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids – 2.3g per 100g to be precise. Hah, and you know what? That’s more than with Atlantic salmon! Furthermore, our delicate gourmet slices are made without gluten, soy or palm oil.  

An allrounder for your galley

Our vegan salmon is an absolute gourmet feast. Its hearty-rich aroma is due to a mildbeechwood smoking process where the gourmet slices remain incredibly delicateand tender. And let’s get real: They taste so authentic you’ll convince even the most skepticalseadogs, critical captains and shrewish sailors!  

What kinds of things go with the Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky? Well, you’ll land the most out-of-the-ordinary culinary creations – hot or cold! Enjoy a slice on a piece of rustic bread with horseradish, roll ‘em up into a hearty wrap or go for the classic version with tagliatelle and spinach. Our vegan salmon can also be super stylish – as an horsd’œuvre it will most definitely steal the show from other vegancanapés. So, I guess you have no other choice but to get yourself some Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky, right?   

Additives getting out of hand?

When developing our products, we try and use as few and as natural organic ingredients as possible, wherever and whenever we can. Especially with vegan meat and fish alternatives, the technological state of the art is unfortunately not yet sufficiently advanced to completely avoid the use of additives – because the primary goal here is to create an authentic taste in order to motivate even die-hard omnivores to consume vegan substitutes.

We are more than happy to explain to you how our vegan smoked salmon is made and the technological implications behind it: The main ingredient in our slices is water, so there’s not much room for chemicals. The algae extract we use is a mixture of oils and various sea algae, which, in combination with beechwood smoke, make up the hearty, salmon-aromatic taste. Themaltodextrin, xanthan and potato starch keep all the ingredients together and is therefore responsible for the tender and waferthin consistency. Where does our vegan salmon get its authentic appearance? The natural colouring agents arepaprika extract and carotene, a colouring agent extracted from the carrot.

As you can see, every ingredient has its own significance and makes the Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky what it is: amazingly genuine in taste, mistakable in appearance.   


We use these materials in this product.

0.8 g
Synthetic materials
4.9 g
28.7 g

Sustainable packaging? Aye, Aye!

Full speed ahead! The Veganz Sea Style Slices Wild & Smoky packaging consists of three parts: The gourmet slices are placed ready to eat on an insert consisting of recycled paper cardboard and a PET-metallized gold film. Together they are wrapped in a plastic film and cardboard sleeve which is made of 90% recycled paper, is FSC certified and printed with mineral oil-free inks. 

We are a little proud of this packaging, but at the same time know that in the big wide world of packaging there is still plenty of room for improvement. Therefore, the search for environmentally friendly alternatives continues.  

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