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Veganz pizzas in store in Australia – Check out the pizza freezers.

Great news! Veganz – the food brand for pure vegan pleasure – now offers the world’s first pizza with a sustainability score in Australia. From March onwards, you can find Veganz bestselling ‘Verdura’ Veggie Pizza in 180 Woolworths stores throughout New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. The full Veganz pizza range is available in selected independent supermarkets and vegan stores in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD. European foodies love the 100% plant-based sustainability heroes. Try our famous vegan frozen pizza – easy to find in your Woolies pizza freezer and many independent supermarkets. Check our store locator below for your closest stockist.

If our products are not available in your local store, please ask management if they would be interested in stocking our products. Please point them to our website or ask them to reach out to us at

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Customer voices
  • Your pizza is sooooooo yummy.
  • Super yummy and a lot of topping. Always again.
  • My favourite pizza.
  • Just tried it. Wow!
  • Tried and loved it. From now on I’ll keep an “emergency pizza” from Veganz in my freezer.
  • Just ate it…Surprisingly good. The dough is super fluffy. I’ll buy it again.
  • Best available frozen pizza.
But let’s start at the beginning:

What does eating Veganz Pizza have to do with climate change?

Protecting our planet has never been so important. As a consumer, the choices you make every day affect how much carbon is emitted into the atmosphere, how much water is used up and how much of the world’s rainforest will disappear. All of this has an impact on the climate, leading to climate change and all its consequences.

So the question is: what can I do to protect the climate? And we have a simple but tasty answer – you can help the planet by eating vegan food. Because it’s not just amazingly delicious, it’s also amazingly sustainable.

Food production is responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming. Cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by two-thirds.

Our top gourmet tip: climate protection is best served hot, and fresh from the oven, in the form of a round, crispy pizza base. With a tangy tomato sauce and luscious vegan topping. So, eat something for the climate – it’s as easy as reaching for a Veganz pizza!

You’d like to see what our delicious crispy climate protectors look like? Just take a look at our TV ad:

The World's First Pizzas with the Sustainability Score!

A taste of Italy, made from vegan ingredients, using sustainable agriculture, production, packaging and transport – this is what our vegan pizzas deliver.
There’s no tastier way to get another helping of veggies! The Veganz ‘Verdura’ pizza is 100% plant based and is packed with flavour, as well as a whole rainbow of veggies.
To see just how environmentally friendly our favourite oven treats are, take a look at their sustainability score – we’ve printed the product life cycle assessment directly on the pizza packaging. The score is divided into four categories: carbon emissions, water usage footprint, animal welfare and rainforest preservation. This makes it easy for you to see at a glance just how sustainable our pizzas are. So, when you’re looking at the frozen pizza range, you can make the conscious decision to reach for a Veganz Verdura pizza – a meal that’s not only tasty, but also vegan and environmentally friendly.
Why do we do all this? Because we really care about transparency, and about protecting our environment. This way you have all the facts, and at the same time it’s an opportunity for us to make our products even more sustainable.
More information about our VerduraSpinaci or Tricolore you’ll find on their respective product pages!

Available in selected stores in Australia

No doubt you’re asking yourself where in Australia you can get your hands on a Verdura pizza. We’re only too happy to tell you – our creamy vegan-topped pizzas are available now at 180 participating WOOLWORTHS stores in Victoria and New South Wales. So, if you’re in the Melbourne or Sydney metropolitan areas, you’re definitely in luck. Just take a look in the pizza freezer at your local Woolies and add a Veganz pizza or two to your shopping trolley. You’ll be playing it safe, because our frozen pizzas are unbelievably good.

Nice to know: What’s more, from February 2021 you’ll be able to buy our two other pizza varieties, ‘Spinachi’ and ‘Tricolore’, from the Australian vegan grocery chain ‘Vegan Grocery Store’. Stay tuned.

Available at

  • Woolworths | AU
  • Vegan Grocery Store | AU
  • Vegan Perfection | AU
  • Drakes | AU
  • IGA | AU
  • Foodland | AU
  • Tony & Mark's | AU

Only available in participating markets

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