Why choose the Veganz Pizza Tunno?

Let’s have a vegan alternative to the traditional frozen pizza instead!

Today, we present one of our absolute novelties: the vegan Pizza Tunno. A crispy base topped with well-seasoned tomato sauce, red onion rings, and our pea protein-based Veganz Tunno in sunflower oil. With that on offer, who still needs traditional tuna pizza?!

Please note: this article has been written in cooperation with the vegan chef behind ‘Hier kocht Alex’.

What makes the Veganz Tunno Pizza so special?

The star among pizzas – topped with Tunno, the vegan alternative to fish by Veganz – gets by entirely without soya or palm oil. And so, there’s no need to feel guilty when you eat it since this product doesn’t harm the rainforest. Naturally, the animal world is just as happy because every vegan Pizza Tunno means you’ve decided not to eat any sea creatures. And that’s an excellent choice! After all, tuna fish – just like many other kinds of fish – are suffering greatly from the overfishing of our oceans. So, turn your back on that non-vegan tuna pizza and eat something for the climate instead.

Sometimes, you just need something quick: treat yourself to a frozen vegan pizza

Let’s get down to business: as much as we like providing you with a steady supply of basic products like soy mince and seitan powder, and the recipe ideas to go with them, nobody actually feels like cooking and has time for it every day. Luckily, you can get vegan comfort food from the freezer section now, too. Our vegan alternative to tuna pizza bakes in just 10-12 minutes in a pre-heated oven, so you can start enjoying the tasty, crispy, oceany flavour in no time. Heat the oven to 220 °C upper/lower heat or 200 °C for a fan oven and the tasty vegan fast food will turn a beautiful golden brown all by itself.

Have you not been able to get hold of the Pizza Tunno at your local shop yet?

It’s really a bit of an issue at the moment because it’s still not available everywhere yet. While availability is expected to improve over time, we’d encourage you to fill in our Wish List (only available in German) anytime and to submit it to your favourite shop.

Pizza-Wish List

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