Eating for the climate!

win one of 6 protein boxes worth 50,-€

The need to protect our planet has never been more crucial than it is today. With your (purchasing) behaviour, you have a direct influence, each and every day, on how much CO2 is thrust into the atmosphere, how much water is expended or how much greenery is removed from our rainforests. All of this impacts our climate, causes it to fluctuate and has consequences. Which is why it’s up to you, to us, to all people, to protect the environment and preserve the beauty of our planet.

The question is: “How is this climate protection going to work?” The answer: Simple and tasty – with vegan food. That’s because, not only is it incredibly delicious, it’s also incredibly sustainable. 

Our tip: Try the new Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bars 30 as well as our fantastic Veganz Protein Drinks! One-of-a-kind delicious, containing up to 30% plant-based protein and, to top it all off, amazingly climate-friendly – something we proudly bear right on the package with our Sustainability Score.

What do our protein-rich climate protectors look like? Take a look at our TV advert:


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Win 1 of 6 Veganz Protein Boxes Worth 50,-€!

Would you like to test out our newest protein innovations and actively do something for the environment? Easy peasy! Just take part in our TV competition campaign!

We’re giving away six Veganz Protein Boxes worth a total of 150,-€! The competition starts from 17th June on Facebook and from 24th June 2020 on Instagram. So, it’s worth stopping by!

These great products are in each Veganz Protein Box

our veganz organic protein drinks

Discover our new Veganz Organic Protein Drinks in Cocoa or Buttermilk Mango Style. Both drinks are made from European oats and contain 12,2g protein per can.

Veganz Organic Protein Drink Buttermilk Mango Style

One sip of the Veganz Organic Protein Drink Buttermilk Mango Style and the tropical sun will be shining down upon you! Ripe mangoes fall from the trees, you pick yourself a passion fruit and then there’s this delicate touch of buttermilk. Another ingredient that is sure to delight: an extra portion plant-based protein. Yum! What exotic protein pleasure!

Veganz Organic Protein Drink Cocoa

Is your love life going through a little dry spell at the moment? Well, let us help you get the juices flowing with our Veganz Organic Protein Drink Cocoa – a symphony of delicate cocoa, creamy oat milk and vegan proteins.Just one sip and our seductive chocolate drink will have your heart beating a little bit faster!

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our veganz organic clean protein bars 30

Whether pre- or post-exercise or as a pocket-sized snack – with the Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bars 30 you are totally prepared for every situation. Our plant based protein bars have a protein content of at least 30% and rely mainly on the high-quality protein mixture of peas and rice.  

Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Peanut

Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Coconut

Veganz Organic Clean Protein Bar 30 Cocoa

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