Veganz is germany‘s most innovative food brand in 2021

We were awarded at the Handelsblatt ranking!

What a success! In an exclusive analysis by market research institute YouGov* for Handelsblatt, Veganz was voted Germany‘s most innovative food brand this year.
The result places us and our more than 120 developed plant-based products even ahead of other food brands and vegan competitors like Beyond Meat, Like Meat, and Simply V.

Veganz is one of the top 3 innovation companies in Germany

When compared with other industries, according to the Handelsblatt ranking, Veganz is among the Top 3 innovative companies in Germany. With the ranking including companies in 20 different categories such as the automotive and insurance industry, it was its innovative strength that made the Veganz brand stand out. With as little as a one to two-point difference, we are in third place behind Tesla and the Danish company Too Good To Go. With this placement, the survey even saw us pull ahead of global technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. How great is that, please?!

The success is also down to you and our partnerships around the world. Through the wide availability at Woolworths Australia, Continente, Planet Organic and Co. as well as your reach for our vegan productc that is allowing us to make the Veganz brand accessible to the masses and to serve the ever-growing desire to consume healthier and more
sustainable food.

And these are our latest product innovations

Good to know: Almost half of our product packaging contains sustainable materials.

Our products are sustainable – and that includes the packaging they come in! We work day and night to reduce, or in the best case completely avoid, plastics, all the while adhering to strict food standards for shelf life and storage. In terms of sustainability, Veganz strives to use primarily recycled materials in its packaging. For example, we choose more and more recycled plastics or waste paper and also display the eco-balance of each product directly on the packaging with our sustainability score. We are showing all our cards!

Our products with sustainable packaging

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